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What makes Pinorox® unique:

  • It is the only FSSAI approved Pine Bark Extract manufactured in India
  • Unlike other Pine Bark Extracts available in the global market, Pinorox is the only one to be made from the Himalayan Pine Tree (Pinus roxburghii)

Claims: Pinorox significantly increases athletic performance – aerobic and anaerobic. It is shown to increase endurance, stamina and muscle strength.

Other Benefits: Pine bark extract have multiple other health benefits in Cardio-vascular health, Skin Health, Cognitive Health & Reproductive Health

Studies conducted:
  • Human clinicals trial (double blinded, placebo compared): Show that Pinorox boosts aerobic and anaerobic physical performance of healthy and athletic or sport subjects.
  • Cell Line Study Pinorox exhibited a promising Modulatory activity on Glutathione (GSH) in HaCaT cells against Oxidative stress induced by Hydrogen Peroxide at 250 μg/mL concentration with 140% activity and at 500 μg/mL concentration with 182% activity
  • Safety study re-clinical toxicity studies conducted

Dosage: 200 mg / Day